Graduates from the 1940s–80s

The College of Architecture, Art, and Planning at Cornell has a legacy of forward thinking and pedagogical innovation that informs both what we teach and how we teach creative practice and critical engagement across our disciplines. The AAP Alumni Archive came together as current students reached out to college graduates from the 1940s–80s to hear their stories and gather selections from their life's work.


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Pat Lipsky B.F.A. '63 Triangle Detail of the painting MDR (2000), alkyd, oil, acrylic on canvas. 1963 Francis S. Oda B.Arch. '64 Triangle G70 (architecture), Hanauma Bay Marine Education Center (2001), Honolulu, Hawaii. 1964 Joel Perlman B.F.A. '65 Triangle Roundhouse (2018), London, UK. 1965 Mui Ho B.Arch. '66 Triangle Sparks Way Commons (1984), Hayward, California. 1966 Louise Lawler B.F.A. '69 Triangle Portrait (1982), silver dye bleach print. 1969 Henry Richardson B.Arch. '68, M.Arch. '70, M.R.P. '71 Triangle Radisson residential area map. 1971 Joel Carreiro B.F.A. '71 Triangle Picassoid (2019), perforated paper collage. 1971 John Ahearn B.F.A. '73 Triangle Carlos/Spiderman (2015), sculpture of Ahearn's five-year-old son, acrylic on cloth and plaster. 1973 Robert Joy B.Arch. '73 Triangle JMZ Architects, Cornell University Martin Y. Tang Welcome Center (2016), Ithaca, New York. photo / David Lamb Photography 1973 Stephen Ellis B.F.A. '73 Triangle Untitled (2002), oil and alkyd on linen. 1973 Diane Cho B.Arch. '73 Triangle Head Theater (2017), Center Stage, Baltimore. 1973 Chauncey Jones B.Arch. '74 Triangle MBT (architect), GTE Government Systems Group (1988), Mountain View, California. 1974 David Benn B.Arch. '74 Triangle Tindeco Wharf Apartments (1987), Baltimore. 1974 Deborah Addison Coburn B.F.A. '74 Triangle Jacob’s Ladder (2005), oil on canvas, from The Bluest Day series. 1974 H. Alan Brangman B.Arch. '75 Triangle University of Delaware, Bob Carpenter Fitness Center, Hughes Architects. 1975 Maddy Rosenberg B.F.A. '77 Triangle Tonal Series (2015–17), oil on linen-covered panel. 1977 Emanuel J. Carter Jr. M.R.P. '78 Triangle Detail of Proposed Greenhouse Complex and Formal Garden (2005), Onondaga Botanical Garden and Arboretum, Syracuse, NY. 1978 James Siena B.F.A. '79 Triangle Detail of Ssonsunurrhth (2018), acrylic and charcoal on canvas. photo / Mark Waldhauser 1979 Susan Boyle M.R.P. '82 Triangle Shane McLendon / Unsplash 1982 Michael Brown MRP '80, Ph.D. CRP '84 Triangle Irvine, California. Ariel Blanco / Unsplash 1984 Kirk Harris Ph.D. CRP '92 Triangle Fathers, Families, and Healthy Communities, focus group discussion, from "Report on Chicago Black Men & Boys: Advancing Safe and Healthy Families in Our Community," 2019. 1992

About AAP Alumni Archive

The AAP Alumni Archive is a public digital repository for viewing and learning about the lives, careers, and work of graduates from the college's departments of architecture, art, and planning.

The database will provide opportunities for graduates from the years 1940s–80s, who have gone on to maintain decades-long careers rich with experience, to share selections of their work. Students and visitors to the archive will be able to draw knowledge from the in-depth profiles, and make connections across generations. 

The archive is an ongoing project that seeks to convey the range of perspectives, practices, and accomplishments of our alumni community, as well as the full arc of experience that our graduates carry from their time at AAP to their careers and lives beyond Cornell.   

Launched in 2022, the AAP Alumni Archive is supported by a generous gift from architect and alumna Mui Ho '62 (B.Arch. '66). In an interview with AAP, Ho shared her thoughts on the new archive, her architecture and teaching career, and her time at Cornell.

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